About Playapixie

Playapixie is the personal website of Dawn Bustanoby.

I’m the kind of girl your mother warned you about.

I’m a collector of experiences and seeker of adventures. I look at the world with wide-eyed wonder, and dabble broadly into as many facets of life as I can. I thrive on change.

My work puts me in daily contact with tragedy and death, and as a result I’m regularly reminded that life is fragile and precious, and to make each day count. I live passionately and in the moment. I’ll try almost anything at least once.


Playapixie.org was originally started as a blog in 2002, transitionedplayapixie to a mostly photoblog around 2005, and was mostly forgotten about by 2010 (when Facebook cornered the social media market and personal blogs became more or less a thing of the past), and fell offline completely in 2013.

Rebooted briefly in 2015, abandoned in 2016, and revisited in 2021. The future? Who knows.

Hopefully I’ll get the archives of the old content up someday…

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