This is Alzheimer’s

This is Alzheimer’s. I guess out of respect for my mother’s privacy, in addition to my own reluctance to be super public about my private life, I haven’t really talked about Alzheimer’s. Here’s a story. My beloved cockatoo Bunny died a tragic death on friday. I’m devastated, and I’ve been mostly alone with my mom all weekend since then, as my sister has been enjoying (a well deserved) break out of town. I’ve been gutted with my grief and guilt and broken heart, missing my feathered joy engine with an intensity I don’t think I’ve ever felt before. The wound … Continue reading This is Alzheimer’s

My joy engine is gone

I lost my most ever-present spark of joy, my Gofffins Cockatoo Bunny three nights ago. Bunny came to me as a foster a year and a half ago. Then Covid lockdowns struck, and she became my best buddy, my only cuddle, the source that made me laugh and dance and play every single day, and I knew I had to keep her. She was hilarious. She was a total ham. Strangers loved her. She entertained everyone. Anyone could hold her. I called her my birdie ambassador. She loved to dance. Disco was her jam. She never tired of playing, dancing, … Continue reading My joy engine is gone